More Kit…

Just been really naughty and ordered  stuff bags from alpkit.

X socks from Back Packing light and also ultralight pack towel.

Anyone want to invite me over for dinner.. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “More Kit…

  1. sally

    Weird Darren, I actually wear liners because I think they stop the friction and help in reducing the chance of blisters….not that they always work as we know.
    Like you I thought wearing them with the x-socks may reduce the benefits so will be trying them without liners to begin with

  2. sally

    Welshcakes… becareful what you say Geoff will have me over walking in Sicily next lol

    Ellee….. sorry to hear about your toe nail, glad to say thats never happened to me not even when i was jogging alot more than i do now….

  3. Ellee

    I always wear liners, maybe not thick enough as I lost my big toe nail on my last walk! And walking certainly does make you happy – just look at those pics on Sally’s Flickr taken by a great photographer.

  4. jameshigham

    I do, I do. It’s all either flat or undulating, except for the slight amount of swimming in the channel but that will really test out the new gear and give you confidence.

  5. Weird Darren

    Been thinking some more on this and usually liners are used to make boots fit better and/or to help keep the walking sock clean longer.
    Now if you are having to wear liner socks to make the boots fit better, that to me (and is just my opinion) a sign you have boots that don’t fit.
    If it is to keep the the sock clean longer, thats a personal thing.
    I fail to see how wearing a liner would help with the additional benefit that the X-Socks claim. And can see how they could get in the way of those benefits.
    If you have liners already it doesn’t hurt to try them with the X-Socks. At the very least it gives something to blog about. 😉

  6. Weird Darren

    Interesting question? I personally don’t wear liner socks anyway. That would be a good one for the OM forums.
    I don’t think they need them. But then I use trail shoes and not boots these days.
    I’ll think about this and post more later after work.

  7. sally

    Weird Darren…..I also have some Sealskinz. but only ever used them when I used to do alot of Biking.
    Would you still wear liners under the x-socks ???
    yes the creams do look good too !!

  8. sally

    Weird Darren…I liked the fact that the socks dry quick and have extra padding where needed and they may stop my feet from sweating so much…..and the list goes on and on. I need them

  9. Weird Darren

    Sally, I’d try some of those footcare creams that Bob sells as well.
    When you first try them on they do feel differrent, but you soon stop noticing.

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