Wellington Boots and Croc’s

Right hands up who owns a pair of Wellington Boots and I don’t just mean the ordinary plain green ones.

I love nice bright colours, they  make me feel happy, while dull and dark make me feel miserable, infact its amazing how colours can effect my mood.

For months I lusted after a pair of pink Hunter Boots, but never found any I could afford.


I finally fell in love with a great pair of Wellington boots all green and flowery, trouble is no one wants to be seen with me when I wear them  🙂


  I am now also the proud owner of a pair of bright Purple Croc’s, a gift from Dubai.

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11 thoughts on “Wellington Boots and Croc’s

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  2. sally

    Hi Ian, welcome to my Blog. Great Yarmouth is about an hour from where I live have been there a few times but never for walking.

  3. Ian Lidster

    Hi Sally from King’s Lynn. I once lived at Great Yarmough (Gorleston more precisely) for a year from 1980-81 before returning to Canada. Just made a trip back to Yarmouth this past November. Nice to hear from you at my blog. Please come again.


  4. Lorraine

    I would go walking with you anywhere, but ONLY if you were wearing the green flower wellies!
    ps.the lapsang is lovely…tks 😉 loxo

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