Today’s Walk-about

Woke up to pouring rain today but I am not the kind of girl to be put off by a bit of rain, not where a walk is concerned anyway.

Today the plan was to walk from Narborough to Cockleycley visit the pub for refreshments then walk back again.

By the time we set off the rain had stopped, but it was still an extremely muddy walk,especially round the pig farm.

Think we may have had too many refreshments at the pub because even with a Compass, Map and GPS we managed to almost get lost on the way back :-)  I think we were too busy watching the pigs. 🙂

The information from my pedometer was…..  

13 miles

27,767 steps

1,498 cals

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One thought on “Today’s Walk-about

  1. Geoff

    A very good walk and lunch at the 20 Church Wardens in Cockley Clay, pity about having to rush home to get down to the Wiki Wednesday in London.

    Loved the wordsmith’s word of the day was :-

    pigsney (PIGZ-nee) noun

    1. A sweetheart.
    2. An eye, especially a small one.

    [From Middle English piggesnye (pig’s eye).]

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