Heart Rate Monitors…Good or Bad ?

I dug my Heart Rate Monitor out the cupboard today.

I originally brought it to keep my heart rate in the fat burning Zone, but I then read far too many articles about them, all with conflicting advise , so I kind of lost the plot a bit.

In the end I just worked out as hard as I could and thought that had to be doing me some good.

Today I jogged for 40 min’s rather than 25, my heart rate started off at 168 then leveled off at between 145 /150 returning to 160 towards the end of my jog,not too bad if you look here. ( age 45 )

when I stopped jogging it dropped to blow 100 in less than a min.

To find my working and fat burning zones I need to know my resting heart rate, which I will take in the morning when I first wake up, before getting out of bed.

Hope fully over the next few weeks we will see how my working heart rate changes, and my resting heart rate gets lower.

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2 thoughts on “Heart Rate Monitors…Good or Bad ?

  1. sally

    I am sure if I had a more taxing Job i would not need to get rid of so much energy by jogging……. Its also a good way of escaping from 2 teenage Boys.

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