Sandringham Estate have their say.

If you have been reading my blog ,you will know that I am disappointed not to be able to walk the last bit of Coast from Snettisham to Kings Lynn.

I wrote to the Sandringham Estate to ask why there was no permissive path along side or on the coastal defence .

Here is the reply I received:-
“The Norfolk County Council have been,on behalf of the Ramblers Association,trying to negotiate a path connecting Kings Lynn to Hunstanton. The Sandringham Estate has in the past indicated that they would be prepared to consider such a path.However , following consultations with the English Nature ( now Natural England) and the RSPB they both objected to such a proposal as it would potentially disturb the habitat on the marshes.

The County Council has looked at creating an inland diversion and the Estate had in principle agreed to a permissive path from Castle Rising through to Dersingham linking back to Snettisham.The Estate was prepared to offer a permissive path nearly three miles long to help with this proposal but unfortunately the County Council were unable to negotiate the connection off the Estate.”

Personally I don’t see how a few walkers would disturb the birds when there are hundreds of Twitcher’s out there, every Sunday and I wonder why the Council was not able to negotiate the connection off the Estate.

Having a path go inland would be a shame, especially when there is so much open space along by the sea defence wall .

I will write another letter and see what excuses the Council come up with for not negotiating the connection off the Estate.

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9 thoughts on “Sandringham Estate have their say.

  1. Graham StaffsWalker

    Paul – and anyone else — I live near Lichfield — actually I am from Leicester but have lived in South Staffs for 42 years now!!

    I used to work for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust — and we have some marvellous nature reserves and protected land / water / Staffordshire is quite a unique county in that it lies across the northern and southern extremities for many habitat / flora & fauna.

    I am an interested person but not extreme or radical – I share both points of view and balance the judgement – generally!!

    Graham StaffsWalker

  2. Paul O'Brien

    I agree that all people arent bad…most are delightful but put them in charge of anything and some go doolaly…never know how to spell that…RA goes over the top, English nature crazy people some worse than green peace…some are greenpeace…and councils little hitlers prejudiced local people with their own agendas trying to affect other peoples lives with their own and obviously right principles…but mostly people are nice…like Sal…she is lovely…

  3. sally

    Hi Graham.
    welcome to my Blog, I have walked with the ramblers many times and have met many from the forum and you right in what you say , they are not all bad people, just a few like to think they rule the Forum !!

  4. Paul O'Brien

    Sally, on principle english nature, (or Natural Engfland as they now are, still a bunch of twits) say no to everything, and the RSPB have to say something to make sure that they keep receiving funds for their pension scheme for their staff…, the birds are only a minor part of the issue…and its highly unlikely that the birds will be adversley affected, its a load of old twaddle, they have no idea that the birds will be affected but its their pat no suprise there from both groups…although I do have to say I support the RSPB as birds need some protection but I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE WAY THEY GO ABOUT PROTECTING THE BIRDS ON SOME OCCASIONS…OVERALL THEY DO MORE GOOD THAN HARM…in my humble opinion so I support them…unlike the ramblers association which I dont support.

    as to the council not being able to negotiate an access this is very common, people do not want others walking over their land because they interfere….

    You may say its just a few walkers but the moment you let people wander they interfere…I know because i have 200 acres with no right of way but people go wandering and interfere because there are paths they think they have the right to go wandering…then they think they have the right to interfere…as a walker I now understand both ends of the coin…I will never allow walkers on my land again….MY 12 BORE IS VERY POWERFUL AND MY EYESIGHT IS GOING AS I GET OLDER SO PEOPLE BEWARE…I cannot even start to describe the trouble people have caused me….

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