Anyone for a Muffin ??

 I went mad  today and  baked a mountain of muffins, well 24 in total , Double Chocolate and Banana and Nut.

My Kitchen smells Great , but they keep calling me to come and eat them and I must not give in to temptation. 

Good job Geoff likes them between him and my boys they will soon be gone out my way.

I must not give into temptation……I must not give into temptation…..

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9 thoughts on “Anyone for a Muffin ??

  1. Foxy

    Which remind’s me to bake a large batch enough for the first 4 days on my Coast to Coast in May. Just hoping the bakery shop in Shap is still open, otherwise it’s Kirkby Stephen.

    Mmm, I wonder if they is any nice mouth-watering Muffin’s in my recipe books.

  2. Foxy

    Hey Sally, all them mouth watering Muffin’s. Don’t you put weight on or just burn the cals off later walking.

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