Blogging Brings People Together

I have just spent an hour on MSN chatting to someone I have not seen since I left home.

All because she has been reading my Blog.

I was 17 when I left home and Samantha would have been 10. Our families used to go on holiday together, to Butlins 

She is now 38 and I am 45 , we both have 2 children and will have lots to chat about.

Wonder if she remembers jumping into the pool at Butlins and breaking her front teeth……… 

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7 thoughts on “Blogging Brings People Together

  1. Samantha

    Hi Sally, yes I do remember breaking my front tooth. Dad had just brought his first video camera and was filming myself and your brother messing about under the water, we were pulling faces at him through the under water windows. I was hanging upside down, slipped and banged my face on the window, my front teeth took the full force. I never did find my tooth and will always feel robbed by the tooth fairy, as she should have known i was on holiday and needed the money. PS Dad didnt get it on camera, what a waste of tooth.

  2. sally

    Hi Ellee, Hope you had a good evening, A floristry Blog would be cool all those great pics of my favourite flowers including Poppies and sunflowers , and tips on flower arranging too…

  3. Ellee

    Hi Sally, I am writing this from an internet cafe in Cambridge where I am spending an evening showing Caroline’s social group how to blog. I have Jane with me who would maybe like to start up a floristry blog, wouldn’t that be wonderful, she could post so many lovely pics.

  4. sally

    Geoff, Amazingly we went to skegness every single year that i can remember……..and always loved it.

    Caroline, your so right about the walking and talking, the miles just roll away when your having so much fun…..

  5. Geoff

    Thats really excellent, the power of the net!
    As kids we always went to Butlins, either Skeggy or Filey in the first week of the season when the paint was still wet and half the attractions open 🙁

    I always remember getting lost in Skeggy Butlins and when the redcoat found me . I told him , when he asked where I lived, that I lived outside a lamppost! Helpful as always.

  6. Caroline

    The Twitters all girl walking sounds great. I run a small business called Simply Social and we set ourselves the challenge of walking from Cambride to Kings Lynn – in three stages – with Geoff as our guide. Initially we were all very doubtful that we could walk much more than 10 miles, but we were delighted when we discovered that could. So what made all the difference? We simply chatted our way along – and didn’t seem to notice the miles we were clocking up.

    If your interested in Simply Social check out the website

    So you are uncertain about walking, but like talking – then go for it. There is so much to talk about and sometimes there don’t seem to be enough miles.

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