The Twitters


Today I found myself at Brandon Country Park for another girlie walk.

I am beginning to think we should specialize in Girl only walks and call ourselves The Twitters as alot of Twittering goes on

There was 5 on today’s walk, a new girlie called Susan joined us and she had driven all the way from Kent,just so she could try one of my Muffins.

We almost had a non start as the first 6 mile route we planned to follow was closed due to a Mountain Bike race but we decided to take our chance with the bikes and just go for it anyway.

After just a few hairy moments with the bikes and walking through the bracken to keep out there way , we found ourselves at The High Lodge centre where we had a welcome cup of tea.

We then followed the Green bike route which eventually took us back to Brandon Country Park.

A group of very tired looking lads stopped and asked us the quickest way back to High Lodge, it wasn’t till afterwards that we realized we had sent them the long way back. Well after a while all the trees look the same.

The information from my pedometer was…..  

14 miles

29,937 steps

1,561 cals

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5 thoughts on “The Twitters

  1. PaulB

    If the “Twitters” wish to twitter East a few miles, I’ll show you some nice forest heathland reedbed and beach walking in the Dunwich area…with nice tea rooms!

  2. Geordieboy

    Huba Huba, “cutie alert” in the tracksters………………But don’t worry Sal, your still my favourite ;O)

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