Quilting,Knitting and Crafts

As well as Walking , Jogging, Baking Muffins and chatting I also like to do a little bit of Craft Work and Quilting.

It all started with Cross Stitch, then I joined a small Craft Club about 5years ago and have tried many new things since then.

The Quilts I have made are called Quillows  and are lap size Quilts, as they are easier to handle for a beginner.  They have all been made from a book called Magic Pillows Hidden Quilts by Karin Hellaby.

I have also made a few miniature Quilt squares and turned them into pictures, along with a Teddy , and endless  Iris folding  cards too.

I don’t have a sewing project on the go at the moment , but I am sure I soon will have .Having just got 2 new books, Cut loose Quilts and Triore Greeting Cards

This week I came across 2 great blogs, Pete Ashton of Bournville it was his post about Quilts that took my eye and i am sure it will be a good one to follow.

The other is on The ThunderDragon blog  and is about knitting Fake Breasts, an interesting story indeed, wouldn’t it be great to knit one.

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4 thoughts on “Quilting,Knitting and Crafts

  1. Irene Shapely

    Hi, hope you don’t mind me joining in. I’m not able to do quilting but I am interested in designing and knitting a traditional quilt. I have some ideas but would appreciate any advice on how to make one look authentic.
    Many thanks,

  2. sally

    Hi Samantha,
    Yes ive made Fabric boxes, made a square one like you mention for my mum, makes a good sewing box.

    Just recently i knitted a bracelet out of purple wire…its real cool and trendy…

  3. Samantha

    Hi Sally, have you tried making Fabric Boxes, mum made me one about 5yrs ago for Christmas, it was stuffed with lots of lovely things for Xmas (chocolate, makeup etc) It is a beautiful hexagon box that falls open like a flower when you take the lid off, made the more special cause ‘my mum made it for me’

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