Forget the Gym……

An article in today’s Daily mail……says what alot have known for a long while Forget the gym – why a brisk walk is really the best workout

It even got a mention on the Ra forum, although some will hope it boosts there membership, others will worry about there being too many people out walking .

Walking is something everyone can do, and it has many benefits…

Strengthens muscles in the feet, legs, hips, and torso

Nourishes the spinal structures

Improves flexibility and posture

Strengthens bones and reduces bone density

Helps with controlling weight.

Its free and easy to do and no expensive gym fee’s needed, If you need a goal why not think about doing the Race for Life.

I have done a few of these events and they are really very emotional , everyone has a story to tell, everyone is running or walking for someone they know, who’s life has been touched by cancer.

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