Every Walker Should have one….

That’s a Banana Guard of course !!

If your fed up with your banana getting bruised and black this is just the bit of kit you want.

 As quoted from there site….

Q: “Not all bananas are the same size or shape, so how can the Banana Guard fit them all?”

A: The Banana Guard was specially designed to accommodate the majority of banana sizes. Our testing indicates that over 90% of commercially available bananas will fit into the Banana Guard. Highly curved bananas can be straightened ever-so-slightly without harm to fit the Banana Guard shape. The opposite holds true of very straight bananas.

They even do a glow in the dark one……..

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4 thoughts on “Every Walker Should have one….

  1. Ellee

    It’s made me smile, have you got a spare one for me to borrow at the weekend?

    Thanks for your text last night, btw, much appreciated.

  2. sally

    I hoped it might make a few people smile or even laugh out loud on what is meant to be the most depressing day of the year…..

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