Nice to be Appreciated….

Following on from yesterday being the most depressing day of the year.

I wonder how many people really took a sick day yesterday.

Each year sick leave costs the UK economy about £13 billion. On average, we each clock up ten sick days a year. Stress is the leading cause of long-term illness for office workers, while back pain is the leading cause for manual workers

How many people are really guilty of  just bunking off work ,because they feel like a day off.

Also we all have different levels of pain, while some may think they are dying other will carrying on working.

 Here is a letter I received , from my place of work , saying thank you for supporting other work members by not having one sick day in 6 month. I have many of these letters, and its not that I am never sick I just never seem sick enough to take a day off work.

Very nice letter I know and more than most get But would it not be nice to get a day off work instead.

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6 thoughts on “Nice to be Appreciated….

  1. trisha

    hi sally well just to let you know i only got a verbel they must of been in a good mood hope your having a good weekend see you soon

  2. trisha

    i have just had 4 weeks off from tesco with the flu and then a very bad virus infection i suppose i will get a nice letter too but mine will be a written warning for being sick this is the longest period of time i have had off but that is how tesco treat you

  3. Geoff

    When I ran my business I implemented a policy that if you had taken no sick leave in the year you got 3 days extra pay at Christmas.

  4. Geordieboy

    A mid week fall of snow in the Lake District is usually enough to lay me low & take to my bed with man flu. I always remember to lay it on thick to show what a brave little solider I am by dragging myself in the next day thou ;O)

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