Rhubarb Lasagne

Just came across an interesting post on Ellee’s blog, about her Rhubarb Lasagne. Interesting because this is a Slimming world Recipe,as well as a weight watchers. Not sure how the Weight watchers plan works but on slimming world this recipe has a points value, and best eaten on a Green day. not an Original day

It certainly is a great recipe and no one you served it too would think it came from a  diet book.

I once made a great Rhubarb Crumble, and someone I know dropped it on the floor , maybe he don’t like my cooking…

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3 thoughts on “Rhubarb Lasagne

  1. Ellee

    I remember that night well! But serving rhubarb lasagne is very impressive a nobody else has heard of it outside a slimming class, it’s always a hit, I think Geoff enjoyed it when I cooked it for him.

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