No Damage Done….

 Went back to slimming world yesterday, and much to my delight, even after being on holiday,I had lost one and a half pounds.

Eating all that cheese in Les Gets didn’t stop me from loosing some weight which makes you wonder about the Atkins Diet. I know it worked for many but I never thought it could be a healthy diet.

Suppose I am more into healthy  eating…..a way for life……not just a diet for a few months.

For many years I followed the Rosemary Conley way of eating , and had great results, but then I lost my way for a while. So I decided I needed a change , eventually I decided on slimming world and it suits me fine as it involves alot of home cooking which I do enjoy so much.

You may gather from this that I have always had to watch my weight,that’s how I discovered exercise,my weight is easier to control if I exercise… also makes me feel good and keeps the stress away…I would recommend it to anyone…

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3 thoughts on “No Damage Done….

  1. sally

    Hi Dandylion, nice of you to drop by…I too have that book….. but could not get on with it…. work made it hard as I had to eat when I had a break else I was starving before my next chance to eat.
    Ive had all the slimming books over the years… I have been most suited to Rosemary Conley and now slimming world…I have now lost just over a stone.

  2. Dandylion

    Hi Sally N,

    I’m the one who you sent here for your muffin recepies, and I was having a quick look at your blog..

    Regarding weight, you’re not a Taurean by any chance? Anyway I know the feeling, always been a bit too curvy myself. And you notice it doing outdoors stuff more than when sitting about.

    I’m using this:

    at the moment, and have lst half a stone in a fortnight so far, just by doing what Mr. McKenna tells me to do. Fingers crossed for Summer!

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