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I have been a member of the Ramblers Association for over 2 years now. It came into my life, when after 18 years of marriage I suddenly found myself on my own,I saw it as a way of starting a new life , making new friends and most of all doing  some thing I enjoyed, walking !!

I started using the Forum as a way of meeting up with people for walks. Its also a great way of finding out about group walks in your Area.

Over the years there have not been many Sundays where I have not walked, be it either a group walk or just meeting up with new friends. My local group is a very active group and make you feel very welcome , I never felt afraid of turning up on my own.

I also went to the Lakes and met up with some great guys, we walked up Scarfell pike and I did my first wild camp, which was fantastic, some thing I will never forget.

Before long I started wanting to walk longer distances, so I decided to try out the LDWA they always walk at least 20 miles and at a much faster pace.

Then more recently I met my new friends,Ellee and Geoff They came to do a walk I was doing from Castle Acre all with friends I have met off the RA forum.

Basically the Ramblers forum saved my life and I would recommend it to anyone, its just a great way of getting out in the fresh air and meeting new people.

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5 thoughts on “Ramblers Association

  1. sally

    I will be looking at the walks in my area for this coming sunday as i missed my walking today .  Had all my stuff come through for the cambridge Rambling club too.

  2. sally

    There was times i would not have made it with out your help, thanks for always being there for me…. x

    I’am sure pleased i was too x

  3. Anne

    You have been on a long and very interesting journey in the last two years…I couldn’t of done it. x x

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