Chain saw massacre

In the square in Les Gets on a Wednesday evening , you get free mulled wine ,some thing I got a taste for while I was there, a live band playing and yesterday there was also a demonstration on wood sculpting, using a chain saw.

It all looked very interesting but just one slip could of ruined the whole thing.

Around the square they had set fire  to some tree trunks which not only  looked great but was a good way to keep warm too.

Next to all this was an out door ice rink , some thing I decided to keep away from, did not need any more bruises that’s for sure.

All in all its been a great holiday for me,with such fab company,certainly a holiday too remember .



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3 thoughts on “Chain saw massacre

  1. sally

    You know i would love to have stayed with you forever…… but work called , so now i can save for next visit, when you can take me walking… xx

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