A Close Encounter

when I left Les Gets , the sky was blue and the sun was out, a real gorgeous day.

My flight was delayed for an hour but I didn’t really care ,I had a good book to finish and was in no real hurry to get home.

Towards the end of the flight, while getting ready to land, we were warned that it would be a bumpy landing due to high winds. It was a bit hairy and I was glad when we finally landed as I had started to feel alittle sick.

Getting off the plane , we felt just how windy it was ,as it almost swept us off our feet.

Here in Norfolk, some one had a very close escape , when HIGH-SPEED howling winds blew a wind turbine blade into their  conservatory.

With more and more of these wind turbines going up, it makes you wonder just how safe they really are.

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2 thoughts on “A Close Encounter

  1. Geoff

    Sure makes you wonder if the manufacturers have done there calculations right. The vibrations and wing tip forces must be huge on those blades.

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