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A Fine Day

With all the rain we have had over the past few weeks and last weeks walk being cancelled due to the rain, I was delighted to wake up to a dry windy morning here in Norfolk.

As I had arranged to go walking up the Norfolk Coast with my friend T.

T picked me up at 11 am and we headed off to Heacham, where the plan was to walk to Thornham along the Coastal pathÂ

We could not have picked a better day for it as I love coastal walking in the wind it makes me feel fresh and alive 🙂

We sat and ate our lunch in the sand dunes near old Hunstanton while watching all the Kite surfers enjoying the surf, which reminded me that Geoff would like a month out here to have another go at kite surfing.

I especially like the boardwalk through Holme Dunes, far too soon we reached the Lifeboat Inn in Thornham where we enjoyed a nice cup of tea before catching the coasthopper bus back to Hunstanton.

From Hunstanton we walked back to Heacham making it a very enjoyable 12 miles, with lots of girly chatter 🙂

Norfolk coast path Heacham to Thornham at EveryTrail

West Stow Country Park

With Geoff still away in Les Gets my plan for the weekend was to stay home and save some petrol, but it didn’t quite work out that way..

I received an e-mail from a friend, who was hoping to catch up with me,on my usual Sunday walk with The Cambridge Rambling Club.

I only go on these walks from Cambridge as the location is usually too far from Kings Lynn, but desperate to catch up with my friend , the walking group and have a good walk, I broke my rule and decided to go from here…

Luckily the walk was not impossible to get too, in fact it was just over an hours drive to West Stow Country park, well worth the effort too 🙂

Larry led us on a fantastic 15 mile walk with very little mud for this time of year and considering how cloudy and damp it had been in the week, it was great to blow the cobwebs away and get out on a nice sunny winters day.

Our route took us by a Water Tower that had been converted into a stunning looking house , which amazingly was featured on Britain’s empty homes this morning.

I may not have saved any petrol but I had a fantastic day and chatted non stop for around 5 hours !

West Stow Country park with CRC at EveryTrail

Happy New Year

Hope your New Year got off to a good start, we started ours by doing something we love..  walking  !

A nice 15 mile walk with Cambridge Rambling Club, around Stow Cum Quy, in very mild weather conditions, infact it was hard to believe it was January 1st.

Celia provided us with a delish morning snack, of home made Stollen,something that I am going to try making this year.

My walking milage for 2011 is very aprox at around 900 miles and my running milage was aprox 100 miles ,this year I am going to try and keep a better record of my miles walked and ran, I aim to do more running 🙂

Wishing good things for us all in 2012 !

New Years Day walk with CRC at EveryTrail

A Record Breaking Walk

Its amazing how many people turn out for a figure of eight walk, this mean they can drop out at lunch time but still get a good walk.

Today was a record turn out with 23 walkers, which included 4 new walkers, one of them being a lady I picked up in the pub on Friday 🙂

Its great that the new web site is starting to work and more walkers are finding out about the Cambridge Rambling Club.

Rita led us on a great walk around Wimpole Hall, 9 miles in the morning followed by 7 miles in the afternoon,the weather stayed dry and we even had a touch of sunshine in the afternoon.

So the 12 people that left us at lunch time, missed walking in the afternoon sun, well done to Cathryn , the only new walker that stayed the distance 🙂

Only 2 more walking Sunday’s till Christmas !

Wimpole Hall with Cambridge Rambling Club at EveryTrail

Around the Fens with The Cambridge Rambling Club

Yesterday we were back out walking with The Cambridge Rambling club.

Celia led us on a great 14 mile walk round the fens on a fresh and foggy morning

We started at Willingham and followed the footsteps of Hereward the Wake and Oliver Cromwell along ancient causeways and river banks.

I loved the fact that you could visit the Old Riverview Inn for home baked bread, baked in an hour, while you wait 🙂

Fen Walk with Cambridge Rambling Club at EveryTrail

The Lycian Way

The Trekking Route of the Lycian Way is along the chain of paths connecting the cities of the Lycian Union thousand of years ago.In other words, walking along this way is like going through a tunnel of time leading to present from depths of history.

We walked 260 miles of the 319 route and it was TOTALLY AMAZING, I enjoyed every step we took 🙂

Click on the links below to see just how amazing it was……..

Day 1  Ovacik to Faralya

Day 2  Faralya to Kabak

Day 3  Kabak to Gey

Day 4  Gey to Gavuragili

Day 5  Gavuragili to Xanthos

Day 6  Xanthos to Akbel

Day 7  Patara to Kalkan

Day 8  Rest day in Kalkan

Day 9  Kalkan to Saribelen

Day 10  Sidek to Gokceoren

Day 11  Gokceoren to Cukurbag

Day 12  Cukurbag to Kas

Day 13  Kas to Bogazcik

Day 14  Bogazcik to Ucagiz

Day 15  Ucagiz to Cayagiz

Day 16  Demre to Andraiake Bay

Day 17  Demre to Alakilise

Day 18  Mavikent to Karaoz

Day 19  Karaoz to Adrasan

Day 20  Adrasan to Cirali

Day 21 Cirali to Tekirova

Day 22  Tekirova to Roman bridge

Day 23  Gedelme to Goynuk

Day 24  Goynuk to Hisarcandir.

Day 25  Rest in Antalya

Days 26, 27, 28 in Istanbul 🙂

Lycian way to Hisarcandir

Our last walking day on the Lycian Way was described as a 10 hour or 2 day walking route

There are no supplies, no accommodation and no water till towards the end of the walk.

You also climbed to around 1500m from sea level over a mostly rocky and hard to find path.

BUT we wanted to do this walk so we decided an early start was needed to give us the time to complete it

The route was hard to find at the beginning so after walking up the river bed for 20 mins we turned back and found the right markers straight away

From then on the route was easy to find and very well marked.

The whole walk was amazing, 6 hours of climbing over very mountainous paths, which really reminded me of the GR20 in Corsica

Hole in mountain on Lycian WayWe saw hole mountain, near the peak is a hole that the sky can be seen through, those that have climbed right up say it’s big enough for 2 buses to pass through.

The last couple of meters are over rock slabs and then your on top of the world…. Hudacik ridge , then it’s through a narrow opening and then there is only one way …… Down !!

The hardest part for us was the hours walk down the road to the village

Sally & Geoff at end of Lycian WayBut it was worth every step especially when I found the big sign that marks the finish, especially since a walk guide told me they did not exist.

After photos had been taken we hitched a lift to Antalya where we had a fantastic hamam …. Believe me there is no better way to ease those over worked muscles 🙂

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Location:Kabasakal Cd,Istanbul Province,Turkey