The Lycian Way

The Trekking Route of the Lycian Way is along the chain of paths connecting the cities of the Lycian Union thousand of years ago.In other words, walking along this way is like going through a tunnel of time leading to present from depths of history.

We walked 260 miles of the 319 route and it was TOTALLY AMAZING, I enjoyed every step we took 🙂

Click on the links below to see just how amazing it was……..

Day 1  Ovacik to Faralya

Day 2  Faralya to Kabak

Day 3  Kabak to Gey

Day 4  Gey to Gavuragili

Day 5  Gavuragili to Xanthos

Day 6  Xanthos to Akbel

Day 7  Patara to Kalkan

Day 8  Rest day in Kalkan

Day 9  Kalkan to Saribelen

Day 10  Sidek to Gokceoren

Day 11  Gokceoren to Cukurbag

Day 12  Cukurbag to Kas

Day 13  Kas to Bogazcik

Day 14  Bogazcik to Ucagiz

Day 15  Ucagiz to Cayagiz

Day 16  Demre to Andraiake Bay

Day 17  Demre to Alakilise

Day 18  Mavikent to Karaoz

Day 19  Karaoz to Adrasan

Day 20  Adrasan to Cirali

Day 21 Cirali to Tekirova

Day 22  Tekirova to Roman bridge

Day 23  Gedelme to Goynuk

Day 24  Goynuk to Hisarcandir.

Day 25  Rest in Antalya

Days 26, 27, 28 in Istanbul 🙂

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