A Fine Day

With all the rain we have had over the past few weeks and last weeks walk being cancelled due to the rain, I was delighted to wake up to a dry windy morning here in Norfolk.

As I had arranged to go walking up the Norfolk Coast with my friend T.

T picked me up at 11 am and we headed off to Heacham, where the plan was to walk to Thornham along the Coastal pathÂ

We could not have picked a better day for it as I love coastal walking in the wind it makes me feel fresh and alive 🙂

We sat and ate our lunch in the sand dunes near old Hunstanton while watching all the Kite surfers enjoying the surf, which reminded me that Geoff would like a month out here to have another go at kite surfing.

I especially like the boardwalk through Holme Dunes, far too soon we reached the Lifeboat Inn in Thornham where we enjoyed a nice cup of tea before catching the coasthopper bus back to Hunstanton.

From Hunstanton we walked back to Heacham making it a very enjoyable 12 miles, with lots of girly chatter 🙂

Norfolk coast path Heacham to Thornham at EveryTrail

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4 thoughts on “A Fine Day

  1. cloudgazer

    That sounds a walk I could manage and would love to do. 12 miles I think could be well achieved. Is is clearly signposted? Glad you had such a nice time and the weather held.

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