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The main thing about ski-ing which scares me is the Speed.

As my ski-ing has improved I have become more in control, which means I am better at controlling my speed,well most of the time 🙂

Today I took my GPS out with me to record my maximum speed.

Now I am not a fast skier by any means, my aim is always to get from top to bottom with no falling.

To my amazement my maximum speed was 25.9 mph.

Geoff is a snowboarder and his GPS recorded his maximum speed as 34.6 mph.

A good start

We may have been having lots of snow in England but here in Les Gets its not been quite as snowy as other years.

So this morning I found myself sitting on the chair lift,next to Geoff, feeling nervous about my first ski run of the year.

I had no reason to be nervous as I skied well although not always very elegantly.

Very little sun about today and by mid afternoon it was very cloudy and misty on the top.

Hoping for more  snow and sunshine in the following days.

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Mont de Grange

This was a walk we had never done before but due to a comment left on Geoff’s Everytrail…..

“dorothybowling – Aug 18, 2009 at 05:38:01 pm
I have looked at Roc D’Enfer from a distance many times and as I have no head for heights at all, in fact the very thought terrifies me I have no intention of ever attempting this! Walked along side it a couple of weeks ago. However, loved looking at you detailed photos, which only serve to confirm that I will never attempt this walk!! Friends wish us to try Mont de Grange which I am not certain about. You don’t have any pictures of this too by any chance?!”

we decided to give it a whirl 🙂

You could not compare this walk to the Roc D’Enfer walk at all,some lady actually died doing that walk just last week :-(.
Even so Mont de grange was a tough walk and all uphill from the moment we started off by Lac Plagnes .

Happy to be at the top…

From Les Gets Sept 2009

The Whole Ridge ….

From Les Gets Sept 2009

More great photos can be seen here ..


Today’s walk was harder, steeper and longer.
We walked to the top of Ranfolly from Geoff’s Apartment.
There are many paths to take but I hope we took the hardest way up.
It was another very hot day and the views of Mont Blanc were stunning.
A total of 11 miles walked and my legs are aching slightly 🙁

From Les Gets Sept 2009

Its a Mountain not a Hill

There is no sign of Autumn here in Les Gets.
We woke to brilliant sunshine and temperatures have been well into the 20’s today.
An easy walk today up to the top of Mont Chery.
For a Norfolk Girl these Mountains are always a challenge and as usual I sweated like a pig 🙁
I also found it hard to believe that these are the same mountains that I ski down in January.
We had fantastic views of Mont Blanc today as well

From Les Gets Sept 2009

I have also learnt a few new French word too…… like….. l’addition. s’il vous plait 🙂

Terrific Thursday…

Today was my best day skiing ever.

After a light covering of snow over night, we woke to another perfect skiing day.3199714006_888b06afba

In brilliant sunshine Geoff and I did 28 miles round Les Gets and down to Morzine.

Covering both blue, red, narrow and wide runs.

I played in the Indian park with the boys which helped with controlling my ski’s.

So my technique and confidence has grown by 100 %

Its  been FUN… FUN… FUN  and I finally feel really happy on my ski’s.

The next time some ask’s me if I can ski I will be able to say YES I can 🙂

The skiing route can be found here

La Grande Ourse…

Today as the two man lift was open I finally made it to La Grande Ourse on Mont Chery.

The only other time I have been to see them was when we snowshoed up in imageDecember.

It was then being refurbished so today I saw it up and running for the first time.

Its run by the Cornish family of Gary, Teresa and their children (plus partners and baby!)

They has the most fantastic views from the restaurant, over looking Les Gets and Mont Blanc.

Most of the ski runs on Mont Chery are red and I have struggled to do them in the past, but thanks to another afternoon out skiing with Gail I tackled them with more confidence today.

I found it very exhausting though as I had to concentrate and think about every move I made.

So while we stopped off at la Grande Ourse for hot wine the boys played in the snow park over the jumps.

The tale of two seasons….

These are two photos of Le Roc D’Enfer.. If you remember Geoff and I walked this splendid ridge walk back in the summer


This is what it looked like today from Mont Chery…. and I am so glad I was not walking it but just viewing from a distance..

tues 005

Below is five photos stitched together to show you the panoramic view from Mont Chery.