A good start

We may have been having lots of snow in England but here in Les Gets its not been quite as snowy as other years.

So this morning I found myself sitting on the chair lift,next to Geoff, feeling nervous about my first ski run of the year.

I had no reason to be nervous as I skied well although not always very elegantly.

Very little sun about today and by mid afternoon it was very cloudy and misty on the top.

Hoping for more  snow and sunshine in the following days.

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4 thoughts on “A good start

  1. sally

    wee sally , Anne and Cherrypie no matter how many times i come to Les Gets i can never get over how beautiful it is winter or summer

  2. WeeSally

    Pretty pictures, we got our first snow here in KY the other day, but it appears to be short lived. I was beginning to think we were the only state who were not getting snow.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, they look amazing, I have never been skiing, but I think I would love to learn some day.

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