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Souvenirs from Hungary

I just cannot stop collecting fridge magnets

It started because they are small and light, making them perfect souvenirs for when we are walking and I have to carry everything.

Now I am addicted to collecting them from every place I visit with Geoff.

As you can imagine after almost 7 years my fridge is getting rather full and I have some lovely memories 🙂

Sally In Norfolk

Sally Relaxing !

After the most fantastic holiday in and around Budapest with Geoff, I am now back in Norfolk, while Geoff carries on with his bike ride along the Danube bike trail.

Usually our holidays are long distance walks, which some would say is not a holiday at all, but this holiday was totally different.

We did some walking, some sightseeing, some biking, and lots of relaxing with Spa pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, thermal lakes and turkish baths.

I even went for 3 runs by Lake Balaton 🙂

In one word it was… Heaven !!

Now its back to my beloved bike, Ladybirds,  Parkrun  and Massage clients 

National Blue Trail

Tuesday 1st October

We escaped quite easily from Panorama Panzio and only had to pay for the one night even though we had booked for four

After our escape we jumped onto a bus to Sirok for a days walking along the National Blue Trail to Kekesteto .

The National Blue Trail is the oldest long distance footpath in Europe and forms part of the E4 and Kekesteto is the highest point in Hungary.

The Hungarian villages seem very remote with no shops, so when we left on the bus we had no food or water and was hoping to find a shop in Sirok, luckily we did and it was open 🙂

The National Blue Trail was well marked with a blue flash and we soon found our way.

National Blue Trail

The route was mainly through forrest but was well walked making it easy to find our way although we did not expect the never ending up and down which made it a much tougher longer walking day

When we finally arrived in Kekesteto it was getting dark. After realising there was no where to stay we carried on walking down the ski slope to Matrahaza.

Still no where to stay, by this time I thought we may end up sleeping in a bus shelter and funnily enough we tried getting a room at the sanatorium thinking it was a hotel !

Then thanks to the “Around Me app ” we discovered that a mile down the road was the 5 star Wellness hotel Ozon.

Luckily I had my torch and the road was not busy, we arrived safely at around 8pm to find not only did they have a room but food too so as we were both pretty tired we struck a deal and booked a room for the night 🙂

River Danube boat trip


Sunday 29th of September we took a trip on the hydrofoil up the River Danube taking in the famous Danube bend ….. this was their last trip of the season !

It was a beautiful sunny relaxing day.

Funnily enough the first thing we bumped into was a running race so good to see running is as popular here as at home

After a lovely coffee while basking in the sun we took a walk up castle hill to look round the Basilica which is the largest church in Hungary.

Then we walked across the Maria Valeria bridge,the middle of this bridge marks the border between Hungary and Slovakia , its  been destroyed twice,the last time in 1944 and only renovated in 2001

Then after a nice long lunch it was time for the return boat trip.

I never realised doing nothing could be so tiring 🙂

Sally in Budapest

I am sat here at Luton airport thinking how amazing it is ….

When I first met Geoff and we went to Les Gets in 2007 I had no experience of airports or travelling and to be honest the airport scared me to death

Now here I am making my way to Budapest all on my own ……

I drove to the airport as well something else I never used to have the confidence to do although having a Tom Tom certainly helps 🙂

But then I would travel to the other end of the world on my own just to see Geoff 🙂