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A slimming world sweet treat

Its not often I fancy something chocolaty but when I do I  have Chocolate Couscous.

Served with fruit and fromage frais it sure hits the spot, and is only 2 syns a serving.

I use 2oz of couscous

one options hot chocolate dissolved in 4fl oz of boiling water.

Add hot water to couscous cover and leave for 5 or 10 mins.

Addicted to…..

Once again I find myself addicted to Slimming World and there page on face book in particular

There eating plans just suit me so much and I enjoy trying all the unusual recipes.

Like mushy pea curry, chocolate couscous, and Diet coke chicken, which also means I have started cooking for myself at home again 🙂

There is even a slimming world cake lady who provides us with tried and tested cake recipes so I can still bake too.

Poor Geoff has to suffer all these recipes during weekends too but even he has to admit the slimming world chips are delicious.

The rewards for my addiction .. well I am loosing weight and feeling good.

This time It has to become a way of life not just a “diet” as I am so fed up with
being a yo yo dieter.

I would so love to go to a slimming world class……. maybe when I move 🙂


Slimming World and weight Loss.

A few weeks ago I once again decided it was time to follow the slimming world eating plan to lose some weight.
I am afraid I am what you would call the typical yo-yo dieter 🙁

I know the Slimming World plan works and I know it must become a way of eating for life – so this time I am determined to make it my way of life 🙂 .

Its so easy to follow you never have to go with out any food and you never have to feel hungry.

Its easy to fit into your life and you can still eat out, you just have to learn to make the right choices.
So for any one wanting to lose a few pounds before Christmas, your motto should be weight loss is for life not just for Christmas.

I can really recommend the  Slimming world eating plan and no I am not getting paid for this post 🙁
Most of the recipes I make are slimming world ones and no one ever notices any difference from ‘normal’ high fat recipes.

Tonight its  a Slimming World stuffed peppers and salad main course followed by a great Slimming World recipe pudding 🙂

BTW if your wondering I have lost 7lb in 3 weeks and never once felt hungry.