Surviving Lockdown

A whole year has passed since we first went into lockdown, at the time I really wondered how I would ever cope, I was already finding things hard after the sudden unexpected change in my life.

Today out on one of my favourite walks I realised a year ago I didn’t even know this walk existed, then I got thinking about all the other things I have discovered and learnt about myself and the local area, during the past year.

So many wonderful local walks and places discovered and explored, including Roydon common,Leziate and Massingham, I have a home I actually love and now I am home more I have found a love for gardening, including cutting the grass, which was always a job I hated.

Much to everyone’s amusement, I have gone from the music hating Sally to having my own Spotify account and loving music,I even bought headphones for when I run on my own,It helps fill my mind with happiness.

At the beginning of 2020 I lost my biking mojo, I really thought I would never return to the long bike rides I so loved but during lockdown I have rediscovered my love of biking and enjoy stress free girlie rides more than ever before, we have so many plans for this year and they may not include going back to big group riding.

I have really missed  my running events, my running club, Lynnsport Ladybirds and doing my longer run/walks  with my Norwich friends but hopefully this will all be changing soon, starting with the return of the Ladybirds this week.

So I have survived lockdown and Covid,  kept my Smile, and hopefully  I will have more exciting things to blog about soon !!!!

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One thought on “Surviving Lockdown

  1. Martin

    Well said you. With your personal life falling apart then Covid-19 hitting and you’re still smiling. Hope things get better and better form here on..

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