George Munday Virtual 10K

A message today from a complete stranger made me realize that I had not posted here for a while, and while I am no longer the person I used to be surely I can still manage a blog post or two!

Today should have been The George Munday 10k an event I love, but like everything else this year, it was Cancelled. Instead, they decided to do the run as a Virtual one, meaning you run the distance send them the details and in return, they will send you the medal.

This year I have been running with Maria helping her to recover slowly from injury and this seemed like a good challenge without there being too much pressure.

I remember when Maria could barely walk the parkrun route, more chatting was done than running but with determination, we have worked together and built it up slowly over the months.

The plan today was to run the 10k then go for Sunday lunch but of course, COVID lockdown 2 put paid to our lunch plans. Instead, we did our run in perfect weather conditions then went for a takeaway coffee and enjoyed some of Maria’s homemade chocolate cake to celebrate, all done socially distanced of course.

I think Maria has done an amazing job and our next challenge will be the Ely NYE 10k which is also going to be a Virtual run.

Now we wait for our Medals to arrive.



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3 thoughts on “George Munday Virtual 10K

  1. Jean hillan

    Well done Sally and Maria! Sally as your godmoTher and Auntie you are STILL the woman you used to be but a lot WISER , you still have so much to give and get , keep that smile going . Running , walking, cycling , and of Couse earring cake.

  2. Wanda

    What a fabulous support you two have been to one another – well done to Maria on her amazing recovery. Sally you are still the woman you used to be, just a bit battle scarred but healing takes time xx

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