Another Year Over !!

After my disappointment of not being able to do the Peterborough half marathon in October due to an achilles injury, I hoped i would be fit enough to do the Ely News Years Eve 10km

Once I was able too, around the beginning of December,I started back at parkrun taking it nice and easy, my achilles still ached but I could manage the 5km.

Christmas Day I was up nice and early to go to Ferry Meadows Christmas day parkrun, over 300 other runners turned up too, a great way to start Christmas day and a really nice running route,lovely that Geoff came along to support and take photos too.

Christmas day park run

I decided not to run again then till New years Eve to give my achilles time to rest.

Then on a cold Icy  morning I met my friend Gina in Little Downham where Geoff surprised us both by turning up unexpected 🙂

Although Gina is a much faster runner than me she decided she wanted to run with me to make sure I was ok and much to my delight after not running that distance since September I managed it in just over an hour.

A fun way to end the year with a great friend for company too 🙂

Cold Icy Ely 10km 2014

That evening Geoff and I went out for a lovely dinner at d’Arry’s my surf and turf, steak and lobster was to die for and a perfect way to see the new year in 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Another Year Over !!

  1. YER dad

    WISHED I could do half of what you do .JUST keep fit and don’t overdo it .YOU and Geoff are very lucky to be as fit as you are especially Geoff. GOOD clean living I suppose …KEEP it up …

  2. Gina Preston

    Aw, it was a lovely run. I’m so glad I did it and it was much nicer running together than alone. You did fab too and now you are all set to train for the half-marathon – your patience waiting for your achilles to heal has paid off xx

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