LDWA Daffodil Dawdle Challenge Walk

For the second year running I had arranged to do The Daffodil Dawdle 26.5 mile walk with my friend Gina.

DSCF8064-001The route may have been the same as last year but that was the only comparison that could be made, last year we walked in snow and blizzards this year it was sun and t-shirts 🙂

Its called a challenge walk as the route is not marked, your given 4 pages of route instructions and off you go…. last year there were so few walkers that we had to follow the instructions word by word.

This year how ever there were many more walkers and with out realising it we just followed the walkers in front, which is not really a good idea because I never really knew where we were up to in the instructions.

Over the 26.5 miles we had 3 check points where great food and drink was supplied at no extra DSCF8065-001cost, it was amazing to see the 100 or so people of all ages and sizes running the route and lovely to bump into other walkers I now know and have a chat on the way.

After 8 hr and 20 mins (20 mins quicker than last year) we arrived back in Kirtling to be greeted by my friend Jayne who had been busy cooking the finishers food, delicious soup and crusty bread followed by crumble and custard…  all this for the £8 entry fee 🙂

The time just whizzed pasted in fact it felt more like an 8 hour chat with Gina than a 27.5 mile walk 🙂 and a great way to spend Mothers day.

The only disappointment was that Geoff didn’t pop up in the middle of a field !!

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5 thoughts on “LDWA Daffodil Dawdle Challenge Walk

    1. sally

      It was sad that you was not there but I am lucky that I have such good friends and can do these lovely things when you are away…. not sure how i will fit you in when you return but sure i will manage to somehow 🙂 🙂

  1. Gina Preston

    Funny to think we can talk for 8 hours without running out of things to say!! But yeah what a change from last year. I loved it! Thank you for inviting me!

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