Lincoln 10K Road Race

After doing the Rutland Alps then the Daffodil Dawdle my next day out was going to be a running one, The Lincoln 10K Road Race.

photo (34)I don’t do running events very often because I get so nervous but when my number arrived and I discovered that it was Purple I just knew I was meant to do this run.

Doing it with 2 friends who had tons of confidence in me certainly helped the nerves too.

5000 runners entered the Lincoln 10k and it was totally amazing, the whole route was lined with people cheering you on and the finish was spectacular even though the cobbles were hard to run over.

I did this run to experience the crowds, running with 5000 other people and the medal, which is pure bling, what I never expected, was getting a P/B time of 57.31, as I ran up towards the castle I could see the finishing clock and thought they must have the time wrong !!!

The Lincoln 10K will be a hard run to beat for the crowds,atmosphere,organisation and the pure joy of getting a P/B, but this weekend I am doing the Kings Lynn GEAR 10k another fabulous run with record entries of 2000

and yes I am just as nervous as always 🙁

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