Wiggle Epic Bike Sportive

Thanks to SWNC and KLCC for there Go Ride training sessions I knew 1st march was going to be a day I would never forget.

Its the day I was going to do my longest ride to date, The Wiggle No Excuses Sportive.

As it was my first Bike event I was a little nervous and unsure about what to expect, what worried me the most was the weather, but someone was looking after us as we had perfect weather conditions, dry cold but sunny.

1484-1031-WNOEX02The event was amazing, so fantastically organised I think it would be hard to beat.

Arriving at Huntingdon race course just before 7.30 am we were quickly  shown where to park, and easily met up with the other riders from SWNC.

We then made our way to registration, this was so organised you were in and out in no time having had your timing chip attached to your helmet, collected you bike number and picked up some free samples of bike oil.

By this time we had seen many other riders, in fact 2 guys asked us where we were from as we seemed to know everyone, that just shows how many Kings lynn riders were there, everyone was so friendly and the excitement was beginning to grow.

After attaching our bike numbers giving the bike a quick check over and making sure we had everything else needed,we made our way to the start.

Riders doing the Epic 80 could start from 8am, the Standard 40 from 8.30, considering over 1.500 riders were doing this event everything went like clockwork, you just made you way down to the start and aprox half a dozen riders were set off every 2 mins, after a quick reminder on route information

From the second you crossed that line it became a fun filled social ride where you just wanted to do your best but most importantly enjoy the day and atmosphere, the route was so well sign posted you never had to worry about which way to go and there was so many recovery  vans about you knew you would be looked after if a problem occurred

As its a bit flat in Norfolk I was waiting for or should I say dreading that first hill and I had been told there would be many but it came and went and all was well so then I relaxed.1031-WNOEX08-001

25 miles in and we hit the first feed station and it was fabulous, lots of eat me food, flap jacks Jaffa cakes, jelly beans etc  and  then lots of take me food as in gels and high5 zero, also urns of ready made energy drink for your water bottles…. there was also a  bike mechanic on hand for any bike problems.

We were soon on our way again embracing the hills and chatting to other riders along the way and this is where I had my first real experience of perfect group riding and it was magical :-) the next 30 miles just flew by and we arrived at the second feed station to find it just as full of goodies as the first one.

Then your mind thinks thats it we are on our way home and you realise your actually going to do it !!

When You cross the finish line and get your medal , I felt really emotional , I had expected to feel worn out but I didn’t I felt on a high, must have been all those flapjacks I had eaten and Amazingly I think I am also falling in LOVE with those hills 🙂 🙂

Who would have believed I could do this when Seven months ago I lay on the kitchen floor thinking I was going to die after my first ride out with SWNC but with their help advice and sheer determination I have come along way and I am not finished yet !!

A fantastic day, a great group of riders, a brilliant event and one I would certainly recommend.

Here is my Strava






and Great Photos taken by Sportivephoto.com can be seen here

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11 thoughts on “Wiggle Epic Bike Sportive

    1. sally

      It was a pleasure to ride with you too Colin and if i remember right it was also your longest ride so well done you 🙂

  1. MJ Ray

    Glad you enjoyed it. I still don’t see the attraction though. Driving and an early start undermines it for me. I am not a number: I am a free rider 😉

    I hope that you continue to enjoy it as long as you want. 🙂

  2. Geoff

    Sounds like a fantastic ride and the write up equally shows your enthusiasm for the sport 🙂 I don’t think I will be able to keep up with you girlies now 🙁

  3. Gina Preston

    Well done, Sally! You cycled brilliantly. And yes, what a fun day it was. We must do it again next year x

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