Relaxing Days

Wednesday 2nd October

Needless to say we both slept well after our long tough walk and on waking we realised just what a fantastic hotel we had booked in too.

The buffet breakfast was amazing and we had full use of the Spa facilities including pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room.

Enjoying the hot tub

So we decided to stay,enjoy and relax .

Which included having an excellent 30 min sports massage on my legs ( don’t think I could have managed the full hour ).

Not for the first time was I told that I need to stretch more 🙁

We never left the hotel at all on Wednesday !


Thursday 3rd October

1-IMG_5652Today we woke to a lovely sunny day and after another excellent breakfast decided to walk back up to Kekesteto to see it in the daylight.

We took the yellow walking route from the hotel back to Matrahaza, where we found a few small souvenir shops open and a sign post for half a dozen walking routes.

We continued on the yellow route enjoying a trip up the TV tower which gave us some fantastic views.

Then it was back to the hotel to enjoy the spa facilities once again and plan the next part of our trip 🙂

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