Cambridge to London

No I did not Run or Walk from Cambridge to London but I biked on my lovely new Specialized Dolce racing bike 🙂

It was a fantastic gift from Geoff to help me pass the time while he is away on his mega trip.

On our way to London

He even delayed his departure so that I could ride to London with him.

It was a great 63 mile ride although I did not really enjoy the section along Regents Canal, too many people, too much stopping and starting and at times I really thought I may fall into the canal 🙁

We choose to stay at a hotel that had its own under road car park, thinking our bikes would be safe there but was told to lock our bikes to a lamp post 🙁 needless to stay we managed to smuggle mine up to our room with us 🙂

Sunday morning came round far too quickly and I had a very heavy heart as I waved Geoff off on his travels.

Now I just have to get my speed and distance up so I can join the local road biking club, some how I don’t think this will take me too long !

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One thought on “Cambridge to London

  1. LadyBanana

    You are amazing! I love cycling (although I don’t do it often now) but I cannot possibly imagine cycling that distance.

    And what Geoff is doing! WOW!!!

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