Just recently I took Geoff to Westacre Theatre to see Betrayal by Harold Pinter, it was an early birthday present.

We went early as the play showing nearer his birthday was a religious musical, 2 things he cannot abide.

Luckily it was a beautiful evening so we enjoyed a picnic in the theatre grounds before the show.

Betrayal was a love story told in reverse described as “like watching a flower blossom backward, its petals inexorably closing” and the cast of 4 played to a full theatre.

The story was told in 9 scene’s and did feel a little slow at times,but it contained some good humour and it all fell into place at the end !

What seemed strange was so many people asked me if Geoff enjoyed it when surly they should have been asking him πŸ™‚


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2 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. Geoff

    An excellent surprise and you were quite correct about my preferences too πŸ™‚ A scrumptious al fresco meal on a gorgeous evening. What more could a boy want….

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