A feast fit for The Shelford’s

Yesterday my Mum and Dad came to visit us and a Tartiflette was needed for dinner 🙂

DSC_0004So while my Dad attempted to concrete my patio for the 3rd time I cooked dinner.

This time it was for 7 people so I had to make 2 large Tartiflette.

Which took 900 ml of cream, 750 grams of bacon, 2 camembert and 2kg of potatoes, plus 2 glasses of my wine!

Far too many calories to even try counting especially as I made a Rhubarb and Blackcurrant crumble for pudding.

Glad to say dinner was a huge success but the patio was a fail as once again the concrete refused to stick to my stones and just pulled out of the gaps 🙁

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