GEA Day Seven…Casaglia to Passo del Giogo

After a good 9 hours sleep in the walkers refuge we returned the keys to the village shop, enjoyed coffee and brioche for breakfast then set off on a short days walk, a short day due to accommodation.

Nice brioche here!

An enjoyable steep start to the day, enjoyable as it was not in the tree’s, but it soon started to rain and became misty so when we did find the view points there was nothing to see.

where are the views??

Nice wide easy walking track to Passo del Giogo , where we found the hotel shut , most annoyingly the owners were there but as in most cases, at this time of year, only want to open at weekends 🙁

Shut Hotel

So we caught the bus down into Scarperia, found a hotel, dried out our boots and had a restful afternoon.

Geoff’s Camera stopped working today we think its due to getting damp so that needs drying out too 🙁


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