GEA Day Eight… Passo del Giogo to Passo Della Futa

This morning we decided to wait around for the camera shop to open,then Geoff could get a new camera card and hopefully his camera would work again, but alas the card didn’t work and we then missed the bus back up to the pass.

The option was a 3 hour wait for another bus or 30 euro for a taxi, as time was getting on and it was an estimated 6 hour walking day, we begrudgingly paid for a taxi, but at least tonights hotel was booked.


Although the book describes todays walk as taxing in places we found it a very nice days walk, we even found a nice freshly cut meadow with a bench to eat our lunch at while the thunder stayed in the distance.


Arriving at della Futa after 4 hours of walking and as usual the Hotel at della Futa was open for beer but no rooms,only at week-ends! We took a look around the WW2 cemetery where over 30,000 German soldiers are laid to rest,which we found kind of strange.


Then it was another mile or so down the road to Traversa and hotel lolanda, where we had a warm welcome with beer and nibbles (which was unusual ).


After we had been there 20 mins or so 4 other English walkers turned up, they were walking from Bologna to Florence using a company called InnTravel so a pleasant evening was spent chatting about walking 🙂

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3 thoughts on “GEA Day Eight… Passo del Giogo to Passo Della Futa

  1. Anne Arnott

    Ah I wondered why you did not walk and paid for a taxi ,, 6hour walk ,,,that is not bad for a taxi , if it was going take that long to walk , and I take it there was nothing to occupy for 3 hours either .. I am surprised Geoff did not have a spare card, or was it stuck ,, I think you always get nibbles in Italy ,, We have , but then we were in a different area .. The cemetery ,was it strange because Germans buried in Italy or another reason ..?

    1. Sally

      No the taxi drive was not a 6 hour walk just a 30 min drive . This was the only time we got nibbles but then we stayed in out the way places not big cities and yes strange to see Germans buried in Italy

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