GEA Day Six…Passo del Muraglione to Colla di Casaglia

Last night at Albergo Agnoletti we had the most wonderful homemade Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli,covered in a mushroom sauce,I do not like my pasta al dente and I am glad to say no one seems to serve pasta this way 🙂

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

Thankfully we had a lift back up to the pass so the day started well, amazingly the motorcyclist’s were already gathering at 9am.

The weather soon became dull and overcast leading to a day of rain with muddy paths and never ending trees. I had never realised that constant walking in trees with no views could be quite depressing.

We bumped into our french friends again today who had stopped walking early due to the rain and having found a wooden hut to shelter in. A couple of Italian walkers stopped by too, after we set off on our way again annoyingly we came across lots of tree branches pulled over the paths to stop the trial / mountain bikes

As we could get no answer from the Guest house at Colla di Casaglia, we took the path down to Casaglia hoping to find the Posto Tappa, a walkers refuge with beds and kitchen. Luckily we found the keys at the shop where we had a hot drink and bought food to cook for dinner.

The refuge is an old school, nice hot showers, beds and a kitchen all to ourselves, the shop opens at 6am so we shall get breakfast and a hot drink before we set off on another day.

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6 thoughts on “GEA Day Six…Passo del Muraglione to Colla di Casaglia

  1. Geoff

    Leaving the hut the Italian guy (who did a phd in Oxford in my subject) pointed out, as in war, the Italians turned back, the French stayed put & the British marched on through the mud…

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