GEA Day Five… La Burraia to Passo del Muraglione

Another days walking in brilliant sunshine and not too many tree’s 🙂

First stop was Monte Falco, the highest mountain in the national park at 1657m,we enjoyed the views.

Then it was on to Monte Falterona where we enjoyed even more views before returning almost to our starting point to carry on with today’s walk.


A nice days walking with some lovely views but when we arrived at Passo Del Muraglione we found the hotel shut, which was very disappointing.

As it was a weekend the cafe was open for all the motorcyclists that seem to love it here,so while we decided on what to do we had a coffee and a very strange kind of sandwich that seemed to be full of meat fat (which neither of us ate)..

motorcyclists at Passo del Muraglione

It was a 3 hour wait for a bus that may or may not turn up or a 2hr walk down into San Godenzo, we decided to walk as it was very noisy with the motor bikes.


After a lovely but very hot walk down into San Godenzo we found a room at Albergo Agnoletti,and they agreed to drive us back up to Passo Del Muraglione in the morning, which was a relief 🙂

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5 thoughts on “GEA Day Five… La Burraia to Passo del Muraglione

  1. Anne Arnott

    Sounds like a hot and sweaty walk ,, and a Lardo sandwich , which is very popular in Italy , well depending on the area .. but spectacular views.

    1. Anne Arnott

      Here is a bit about Lardo ,, and you were in this area

      Until recent times, lardo in northern Tuscany was considered a poor-man’s meal, that cavatori –– the marble quarrymen of the area –– would stuff it in crusty homestyle bread sandwiches, along with sliced onions and tomatoes. This humble panino was prepared early in the morning before the men went off to carve statue staple out of the Apennines at 6200-ft altitude, a snack that had to last them all day –

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