GEA Day Three .. Chiusi La Verna to Badia Prataglia

We started the day by finding the Campari Fountain a hangover from the 1931 publicity campaign but alas there was no free Campari.

Campari fountain

Then the days walking started off nicely with a walk up to La Verna sanctuary , which we had a wander round before enjoying coffee and cake in the first open cafe to be found ๐Ÿ™‚

La Verna Sanctuary

Easier walking today but just as we started the climb up to Poggio Tre Vescovi the heavens opened and we got caught in an amazing hail/thunder storm turning the path into a running stream,making it a very wet and muddy walk for the rest of the day.


A welcome down hill stretch into Badia Prataglia where we found a room at the so called up market hotel Bosco Verde.

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3 thoughts on “GEA Day Three .. Chiusi La Verna to Badia Prataglia

  1. Richard

    You’ve taken the time to write this so it seems only polite to comment. Interesting reading, I’m flipping between yours and another from April this year (I read it live but am revisiting the blog with a view to doing it in September) although at this point they jumped on path 51 for a short while. BTW according to Geoffrey twitter feed he’s somewhere in Cambridge?

    1. sally

      Hi Richard .. Thank you for commenting, yes it was an interesting walk, we had also read the other blog too :-).We walked it from 4th June till 15th June, a little early really for accommodation. Will you be camping in September?? as many of the refuges will be closed again by then I think ๐Ÿ™ and Yes Geoff does live in Cambridge. I still have a few more sections to blog about too which will be worth a read.

      1. Richard

        Took a while but I worked it out in the end after having had a nosey at Geoffrey twitter feed (iPad changes Geoff to Geoffrey and i dont notice it doing it). Looks like you picked one of the better 2 weeks for your trip this year. If you read martins blog earlier in the year (I was in sorrento and the Amalfie coast at that time) his daily reports from the GR10 are excellent. I’ll camp if possible but not made firm plans for anything as I’d also like to walk in Chamonix early September and I’ve already had a week in the Tyrol (june floods) and another week of day walks in the Tyrol booked for first week of August. We are off to South Africa (UK winter) to walk in kwazulu natal and the drakensberg mountains so the GEA might even get put off until next summer.

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