GEA Day Two….. St Stefano to Chiusi La Verna

IMG_0652Another tough day with an never ending up hill walk to the ridge but then St Stefano is the lowest point in the walk .

A nice sunny day with the thunder storms just behind or in front of us although we did catch sone rain going up to Eremo La Casella,where we finally met 2 other French walkers doing the GEA.

These walkers were camping so had decided to stay at Eremo , they had a nice warm fire and offered us tea before we set off again by which time the rain had stopped.

Disappointing to find all cafe bars and restaurants that we passed closed and we could get no answers from the hotels so it was a worrying time wondering if we would be sleeping on the streets.

Finally the guest house Da Giovanna answered the phone we booked a room so could really enjoy the 2 hour walk to La Verna

Some pictures of the day are here

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2 thoughts on “GEA Day Two….. St Stefano to Chiusi La Verna

  1. Gina Preston

    Why were they all closed? How odd and worrying. Mind you, you were probably so tired you could have slept standing up! Hope you have an easier day today for your poor legs x

    1. Martin

      Looks an intriguing walk. As parts of the continent are suffering floods following heavy rain, don’t complain too loudly about the weather!
      Pardon my ignorance, is this walk one of the European GR routes?

      PS. The new front page photo is so much better, the running one was, to put it gently, not so flattering…..

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