New Boots !

As I have been very unhappy with my last pair of £120 Scarpa boots, I decided that I had nothing to loose by trying out the Aldi £20 walking boots!

I was at Aldi an hour after it opened and I was lucky to get boots as they were selling so fast, hopefully that is a good sign 🙂

They feel comfortable enough around the house but we wont know how comfortable till I do a long walk in them!

I even managed to get a pair for Geoff too, who will need a new pair of boots after he returns from tramping round New Zealand.

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7 thoughts on “New Boots !

  1. liz

    My boot, which cost a lot, have lasted me well and been very comfortable and warm but they’re beginning to show their age so do let us know how these ‘cheap’ boots fare, sally.

  2. L

    I used to have a pair of “good” walking boots which were far from comfortable. Many years ago on our annual visit to Northumberland I saw a pair of boots in a charity shop in Berwick on Tweed. They are lovely, grey leather, fit like a glove and cost next to nothing. I am still using them and have always wanted to thank the person who donated them.

  3. Geoff

    Many thanks my more expensive Scarpa boots are already knackered after a couple of hundred miles 🙁 Maybe you should have bought 6 pairs 🙂

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