Ruined Church of St James Bawsey

Today I took myself off on a walk, following a route that I had never taken before 🙂

I was able to do it with the help of ViewRanger and open street maps, using my iphone.

The walk had a dice with death start, as I had to cross the very busy A149 at the hospital roundabout, but I survived !!

My route then took me up to the Ruined Church of St James Bawsey.

Through a pig farm, where the pigs paid an unhealthy interest in me 🙁

I then had to cross the A149 again making my way to Refley woods

ViewRanger then made it easy to find my way through the woods to Gaywood river, where I picked up the cycle path and walked home 🙂

A nice little walk, I really like knowing where I am all the time, which makes reading the Map easier, down side is the battery on the iphone soon runs down 🙁


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2 thoughts on “Ruined Church of St James Bawsey

  1. Geoff

    Pleased you are enjoying the app (It`s a local Cambridge company) and that you are getting out and about. I’ve added a walk to OSM whilst I’m over in New Zealand. It’s good to know that you find OSM useful 🙂

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