A stroke of luck !

It seems I really did only get my job transfer as a huge favour from one manager to another ( and because I kept nagging oops I mean asking ) which on the plus side is a huge stroke of luck for me but on the down side its what will they do with me !

I have had a great week working on the dairy and answering all “red “calls for the checkouts, amazing as I was not even till trained before !

My neck shoulders and arms have never ached so much and my brain has had to work too, yes I actually have one that still works !

The people I have worked with have been really friendly, I have settled well and my hours at work have just flew by … something that never happened on the fish counter.

Now I just have to wait while they make a job for me….. it should be the same days but the hours could change BUT I am not going to worry about that now as I am off to the Pyrenees walking on Sunday and wont be back till 18th July 🙂

Hope to blog if I can get wi-fi and I can drag myself away from Mr Grey 🙂

if not see you all soon x x



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5 thoughts on “A stroke of luck !

  1. Geoff

    So pleased the job is working out well! Let’s hope they don’t think you have resigned cos you are away so much 🙂

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