All is not well…

I left work on friday feeling very emotional, I had beautiful flowers, more flowers than I have ever had in my whole life and I realised I had worked in that store for 11 years, the longest I have ever been in one place 🙂

I was also excited and looking forward to my job transfer, something I have been waiting for, for a very long time.

Today I called into my new store to introduce myself and hand in some paper work, straight away I was taken into the office, which I thought strange.

Its seems they dont really have a job for me with the hours that have been agreed and that I have in writing, in fact I was told that they had been forced to take me 🙁

So basically I can work them hours till they decide what to do with me…….and to top it all off the manager that I have been told to report to on Wednesday Is not even at work that day !

So I start a new job with no idea what I am expected to do and the worry that they will change my hours at any time ….   not what I call a great start 🙁

Lets just hope I have not made a huge mistake and my biggest fears dont come true !




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9 thoughts on “All is not well…

  1. Martin

    Sounds like some ‘Manager’ got out of the wrong side of bed that day or had just been on the receiving end from their boss.
    As other people have said, time to prove yourself by turning up reliably and doing a good job with a smile on your face. How did the first days go?
    Isn’t at annoying how work is a necessity – it really gets in the way of life!

  2. Lady Banana

    That’s quite disgraceful! They should have got everything properly sorted out for you before you left. If I’m not mistaken you had waited for this transfer for sometime so they shouldn’t say they had been forced!

    I imagine you feel quite unsettled, I know I would. But hopefully you will soon make them realise they cannot do without you. 🙂

  3. jean hillan

    Sally, make them stick to what you have in writing, if they don’t you could take them to a tribunal not that you would want to, as even if you won It would not be nice at work. Be assertive but try to take what they say in and ask for any changes in writing. hope it works out. love aunt

  4. onethougthfulwoman

    At least you have something in writing. This is not good though is it. I don’t know where you would stand in a work tribunal. You have worked for Tesco a long time and do have rights as you have had a contract. It’s rubbish that they were forced to take you. I don’t believe that for one minute. Who forced them? Either there was a job there for you with the hours or not. They might just be saying that to get you to agree to accept what ever they want. At least, it is still only the same hrs but it’s not right at all. OK, you know the hrs people work to cover our growing 24/7 economy. However, if you have those hours in writing then you may have a case. I would suggest you tackle this with a work tribunal, Citizena advice could well help you. I am just so sorry and yes, the flowers are beautiful.

  5. CherryPie

    You should join the trade union, the reps are there to help if you have work related problems.

    I do agree with Geoff though, I am sure you will be fine it is just the uncertainty that is making you feel unsettled.

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