More change !

Finally after waiting well over a year and thanks to having a new store manager, who listend to me, I have my job transfer with Tesco.

I leave the Downham Market store tomorrow and start at Gaywood store on Wednesday, for the first time ever in my life I can walk to work and it shall only take me 15 mins.

I had expected to be working till 10pm but my hours are going to be 10am till 4.30pm, on a wed, thurs and friday Just about as perfect as you can get ! although I have always worked early mornings so I expect its going to take me a while to get into a routine.

I am not 100% certain what I shall be doing BUT as you can imagine I am very very happy to finally have my transfer 🙂


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5 thoughts on “More change !

  1. Martin

    Great stuff. Amazing how some “managers” don’t realise that happy people are productive people who give a much better service when interacting with the customers. Hope the new job goes well. Nervous about it?

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