My lone walk

I could not bare the thought of moping around the house today, especially as it promised to be a nice day.

So I took myself off for a walk, I dont mean my usual little walks round the cycle paths near my home, I mean a real walk.

Nothing new about that you might think BUT it was something new as I went on my own and walked 15 miles along the Fen Rivers Way to Downham Market, where I then caught a train back to Kings Lynn.

I enjoyed the walk far more than I expected too and it gave me plenty of time to think about things that are bothering me at the moment, mainly a job transfer with Tesco and how I may have agreed in my desperation for a move, to work hours that I really dont want too 🙁

Only time will sort this out and till then I have decided not to worry about it 🙂

I loved the peace and quiet of walking by the river, the only thing that spoilt it was my RUSTLING trousers , that I dont usually hear when walking and talking 🙂

All photos can be seen here

Kings Lynn to Downham Market along the Fen Rivers Way at EveryTrail

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5 thoughts on “My lone walk

  1. Geoff

    Well done a real adventure for you. I’m really pleased that you have the confidence now to go off exploring 🙂 and pleased the trousers are getting some wear….

  2. Lady Banana

    Well done! I always get bothered about doing such things alone but know I shouldn’t. I will think of you next time that situation arises for me 🙂

    *Trousers rustling* that made me really LOL 😉

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