Newmarket Ramblers

Sunday, I thought I would be sensible and stay at home to rest my aching bum 🙁  but then I found out that a friend of mine was down from the cotswolds planning to do the same walk, so how could I resist.

I so rarely see this friend that I have problems remembering his name … I know it begins with a B but I do get so mixed up with his name 🙂

Anyway Off  I went to Ixworth on Sunday morning , to meet up with my friends, then we went onto Combs Ford in Stowmarket where T was leading the walk for the Newmarket Ramblers.

It was a delightful sunny walk and as usual it was a walk full of history and stories, we  even had to hunt for  a grave stone of a famous person buried at  St Andrew’s Church, in the village of Great Finborough, Suffolk.

Then to finish the day  my friend T cooked me dinner as she had read on my blog how I wished  someone would cook me dinner 🙂

A perfect day in perfect company 🙂

Photos can be seen here 

Newmarket Ramblers at EveryTrail

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