Herman number one

After looking after and feeding my Herman  for 9 days , I let 2 friends adopt some of him , I  then kept some for a Herman number two and finally I baked my Herman number one.

I was worried it may taste yeasty as my kitchen had smelt a bit like a winery while I was nurturing him !

I decided to stick with the basic recipe and added apple ,raisins, cinnamon and vanilla essence, along with the eggs sugar flour and oil.


I baked him in a tray bake which was a perfect choice and I had no problems with a soggy middle as reported by a few other people. 

I sprinkled the top with brown sugar before baking but not the melted butter as I felt this was not really needed.

He baked really well and tasted totally delicious 🙂

I would like to keep him going until Geoff  returns from his long walk as I am sure he would love it and will need fattening up !


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One thought on “Herman number one

  1. Geoff

    He looks great and can’t wait to munch my way through him. I think I’m in a major calorie deficiency on this walk if you believe @fitbit .

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