Will I or wont I that is the question ??

Some weeks ago I entered the Gear run which takes place on May 6th 2012 in Kings Lynn.

Then shortly after that I annoyed an old  Achilles Tendon  injury 🙁 to say I was upset is an understatement !

Since then I have been resting it and stretching it, I even bought a foam roller to help massage my muscles.

All this time I have still been doing lots of walking trying to keep my fitness up, then I tried a mile run and it still hurt 🙁

Today was my make or break day when I tried out a 4 mile run.

I liked my new running shoes and used my heel shock absorber pads and although my Achilles ached slightly it never got any worse and I completed the run in 44 mins 

I was very happy to see that I have lost none of my fitness and I feel like I just might be

able to do my Gear run with out making my Achilles worse.

I wont get  a P/B time but at least I will be able to enjoy the run and the atmosphere.

Now I just have to wait and see how it feels tomorrow, at the moment its not aching at all so its looking good 🙂

BUT I wont make a final decision till Sunday !





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