Swimming in a new pool

I am always looking for something new to do and I have been missing my swimming  so tonight I decided to treat myself  and go along to the Ladies only session at the St James Pool in Kings Lynn.

Its the first time I have been to this pool and Its great that I can walk there in around 20 mins 🙂

Its a 25 meter pool and I swam aprox 40 lengths so not quite a mile tonight , which I think is 66 lengths.

I also enjoyed a good 15 mins in the steam room so now feel warm and squeaky clean

It was great to swim as it puts no pressure on my sore legs, which are beginning to feel better at last 🙂

This is something I hope to do on a regular basis, its perfect to do on your own, just a shame its so expensive which does not encourage people to keep fit.

My next little treat I hope will be a ticket to see Men are from Mars women from Venus, one of my drop in massage clients was  the wife/partner of the man doing the show and she highly recommended it to me.

Surely I could go on my own,  enjoy it and not feel sad about being on my own ??




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9 thoughts on “Swimming in a new pool

  1. sally

    Ok Let me re-phrase this I dont get lonely and dont mind being on my own its that sometime I can have too much of my own company, There that sounds better and hopefully will please everyone 🙂

  2. Geoff

    Of course you can learn and love to be alone, if you are happy with yourself you will never be alone 🙂
    Maybe you should try a bit of hypnotherapy to help you!

      1. jean hillan

        Sally, shocked or what, I thought you to be a very independant
        woman. Dont be alone all of the time you must have clubs or something you can join to make friends.
        Listen to me, moved to this village and find I am lonley most of the time but I am meeting new people and hope to get used to it.

        1. sally

          Hi Aunt Jean, your right I am very independent and like it that way 🙂 Like you I moved here a year ago and still dont no anyone, if i ever get my work transfer with tesco then that should change…. just missing Geoff and cambridge and my friends there I suppose but i am going this weekend and will get a good walk on sunday and all will be well 🙂 🙂

  3. Steve

    64 lengths in the mile, just dont get caught taking pictures poolside… you’ll get into trouble for that!

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